Jonathan C. White, Pastor

Jonathan C. White, Pastor

Jonathan C. White, PastorJonathan C. White, PastorJonathan C. White, Pastor

Stonecrest, Georgia


Our Story

The Vision Christian Center (VCC) story started with a DREAM Pastor Jonathan had in 2003.  In this dream, he saw himself preaching in a huge church in front of a large congregation. After the dream ended, but while he was still sleeping, God started giving him the vision for VCC. He got up and wrote down everything God told him. From that moment, the vision has been realized through a PROCESS.

Trying to find his identity, Pastor Jonathan traveled many roads, all of which did not lead to the success he was searching for. Still, every accomplishment in his life and all of the ups and downs have prepared him for his purpose to serve God’s people in the capacity of a Pastor. Dreamt in 2003 but, birthed for this PRESENT time, God spoke to Pastor Jonathan and said, “now is the time for Vision Christian Center”.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see the spiritual and natural visions of God’s people manifested in the earth. We are committed to supporting people who have a vision to build God’s kingdom, grow both spiritually and naturally and advance their community. 


Our Mission

To Develop the God-given gifts through education and training

To Equip with accurate, contextual and thorough knowledge

To Empower the manifestation of visions globally

To Support people on their journey